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Keeping a Journal--do you?

In my short story series The Caldecott Chronicles (out November) I write about an Earl who keeps a journal detailing the invasion of his property by the undead in the summer of 1896.

His journal is written on-the-go and contains graphic sketches often splattered with..slime, guts, cordite... ink. Here's one below--there are twelve in total.
Dr. Fotheringham needs another brain...

Apart from his precious Purdey shotgun the journal is the one thing he treasures. 


Over the last few years I have (really) tried to keep a journal of events and my writing. I think I imagined I would sit down one day when I'm old to re-read them... after which I would die with a sickly grin on my face.

Like all journal keeping for me though whether written on on-line on paper (!) my efforts are sporadic.
I am the same with photography. Sometimes I'll take lots of photos and lots of notes and then months will slip past with nothing--I just forget. 

This article from the NY Times shows how a reporter found a journal written by a girl in 1934 and then tracked her down in Florida aged 96. 

Why do you keep a journal? 
 Is it digital or paper?
Do you mind when others read it? (because they will!)

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