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Zombie Pit Trap

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When the Zombies come, and you know the'yre coming, you'll need to purge the neighborhood of the walking undead as quickly as possible. I recommend the:

  'Zombie Pit Trap':
This highly effective yet simple structure lures Zombies in from all dark places. Drawn to a living creature, such as a sheep (available from your local Zombies will drag  themselves towards the movement, noise and smell. The later version 1.2  of the Zombie pit trap will have solar panels driving the meat grinders, but for now it can be simply hooked up to any diesel powered generator.

  • Simple
  • Environment friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Tends to clog
  • Sheep need prodding 
  • Springboard Traps need greasing

*Sheep can be substituted with playing children, however, they may need to be fenced.
Elderly people are not good as their slow movements are not attractive to zombies.

I have already started work on the prototype, digging out a sizable pit
at the local park.

All suggestions are welcome and I will also happily post your creations here too.

We need to stick together...



Recycling at its best! (sell back to Zombies. It won't cost them an arm and a leg..or it may!)

Try and get the Grip-Rite will get messy.

No Harm will be done if it is winched high enough


Do I need to explain?
Have a pet Zombie? Feed them this-->

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