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Zombie Gnomes. Lil' buggers need a good kick!

The last blog post, however real, was a bit grim so here are some little zombie gnomes for you to oggle--Mind your ankles in long grass!

And my favorite...

The Real ZOmbies

I looked out over Miami Beach earlier today to see traffic backed up across the causeway -- there had to be something more than just the weight of Memorial Day, surely?

This headline from The Miami Herald left me gobsmacked!

Real Zombies--If this doesn't shock you enough than perhaps my book might:

Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was

‘eating’ face off victim


One man was shot to death by Miami police, and another man is fighting for his life after he was attacked and his face allegedly half eaten, by a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp, police said.
The bloodshed began about 2 p.m. when a series of gunshots were heard on the ramp, which is along NE 13th Street, just south of The Miami Herald building. Witnesses said a woman saw the two men fighting and flagged down a police officer who was in the area.
The officer, who has not been identified, approached and saw that the naked man was actually chewing the other man’s head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he continued the assault, the officer shot him. The attacker continued to eat the man, despite being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots.
Miami police were on the scene, which was just south of The Miami Herald building on Biscayne Boulevard. The naked man who was killed lay face down on the pedestrian walkway just below the newspaper’s two-story parking garage. Police requested The Herald’s video surveillance tapes.
The other man was transported to the hospital with critical injuries, according to police. Their identities were not released.

Read more here:

The Art of Goal Setting

I read an article about how Jerry Seinfeld kept his goals of becoming a better writer using a clever calendar method. (see link below)

Now there's a great little site that's taken this idea and made an easy interface to help you keep your goals. Here a screen capture of mine. (a work in progress) The secret, in a nutshell, is to not break the momentum and every day you do you something you get to add another yellow dot.

There are different thoughts about whether to share a goal or not.
Derek Sivers suggests to keep your mouth shut. Jason Fox has other ideas. Both videos are worth watching. (links below)

I believe in a mix; sharing some goals is a good idea. It makes you somewhat accountable to another person. Yet keeping quiet about other goals holds the energy in.

Your choice, as long as it's working.
By the way -- The goal of holding my breath for two minutes is something Archy tries to do in The 58th Keeper  Most people can barely hold their breath for one minute, but with daily practice two minutes is easily accomplishable. The whole idea for this goal was borne from a conversation with a friend here in Miami who free-dives and can hold his breath for an astonishing four minutes. That's incredible seeing as he smokes too! When I asked him how he does it he said it's easy; just add on a few seconds more than the previous attempt and do it as many times as you can throughout the day. Going to the toilet? 2 minutes! Boiling the kettle 2 minutes! I'll share this one--right now I can do a pathetic 55 seconds...just! But it's not how you start, right? It's how you finish. Ask me in year...

The only other things I would add, whether you keep goals to yourself or share them,  is that you can start today. New Year's Day or May 19th  take ACTION and make measurable progress.

Jerry Seinfeld
Derek Sivers
Jason Fox

What are your thoughts on goal setting?